Your hosts

Dr. Peter Kern and his wife Barbara with their sons Paul, Max and Moritz are proud to be your hosts. Family Kern is the owner of the Hotel zur Post since three generations. The hotel was founded 100 years ago by family Berger.  

One of the most important aspects of family Kern is to keep old traditions. So it´s no surprise that you can find yourself in the 350 yeas old vine-cellar with a brilliant glass of wine. You can also explore the beautiful landscape with our senior chief Franz Gutzelnig. Another tradition is the annually Kärntner-Noodle-Lunch at the Hotel zur Post. Every year at carnival you can taste the famous Kärntner Noodle which

you will love. If you can’t wait such a long time senior chief Elfriede Gutzelnig will make all variations of the Kärntner Noodles (kind of dumplings in all variations) all year round.

The pub Postskriptum which is attached to the hotel complex opens its doors at 8pm. Friedrich Gutzelnig with his wife Gabriela and daughter Verena welcome you to listen selected music and offer you a selection of the best vines from Austria and Italy. Sit down and relax in front of a chimney.

You will never forget your holidays at family Kern´s and family Gutzelnig´s Hotel zur Post.