Get to know our beautiful landscape

The interplay of colours of the crystal clear drinkingwater, the high content of mineral salts, the gentle world of mountains of the Nockberge National Park, the Millstatt Alps with the Tschiernock, Goldeck and Mirnock…
Lake Millstätter See invites visitors to get close to the lake and the mountains.
Over 500 km of hiking paths run through the unique landscape between the water and the mountains. Be it directly at the lake or on the experience hiking paths, the determining sound is the gentle splashing of water.

You can test your mountaineering skills in the nearby Hohe Tauern National Park. Austria’s highest mountain, the Grossglockner (3.798 m), is only 80 km away from lake Millstätter See.

The garnets from lake Millstätter See, called “Drops of blood of the Nockberge”, make many a hiking tour on the Millstätter Alpe Alpine pasture, or in the garnet gorge (Granatschlucht) in Döbriach, an exciting treasure hunt. In order to relieve the stress of everyday life, you can regain energy at the “places of power” on the Mirnock mountain.

Or, you can recharge your batteries with an autumn swim in the lake over the geomantic line that goes through lake Millstätter See.

Typical of lake Millstätter See is the terraced topography: The lake at an altitude of 600 m makes up the first terrace. The second terrace is formed by the high plateau at 900 m above sea-level which extends from the eastern to the western shore of the lake. The Millstätter Alpe at 2.000 m altitude is the third terrace.